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Started my blogging through wordpress.The main topics of concentration will be on (Philosophy,pshycology,love,hate,Travel Writings,Book reviews ) and many more.

Stay tuned and join my journey!                     If u also write something related to these topics and have any idea related just let me know and DM me for collaberations and exchange of ideas😊. 

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Philosophical idea of life

The idea on life of an individual in the society is quite confusing and omnious. It is pre-decided. Birth, Education, Seeking employment opportunities ,Marriage, having kids,living an average satisfied life and then Waiting! waiting for a peaceful and divine DEATH.

Mind full of questions and teacher in my soul


All of us are moving in and following the exotic pressure of crowd which would eventually leads us to NOWHERE.

In the era of inexplicable,ineffable and in mystical timeline where there are three different major realities:

  • One where our body,our physical appeareance is;
  • Second, where our perception/ our spiritual mind and intellect is;
  • Third, the most effectual that is Virtual Reality or VR.

These realities have made us enraged and mad about everything around us. The sublime body and our soul is gift,an asset from the nature itself! Instead of using our mind and knowing the worth of its enigma, we are over the Virtual reality. We are fully  obsessed with it and constantly exploiting the behavior of ourselves.

Stress, anxiety, suffering, pain,dreadfullness are our new demons. these are the one we fight to live every moment. It is not because we do suffer everytime but prominently its all about the “Choices”.

We lose our ability to think beyond, to go to the extreme and europhoria! We’ve lost our spiritual and terrific imagination and the paradigm is lost. This is savage.

The brain is fluctuating on fancy things and following the instructions of society without even scrutinizing it blindly. And here, we forget our true basic human behavior that is
“COLORS OF EMOTIONS” which is Affirmativeness and sometimes despondentness.

We have stopped to fascinate, to find wonders in everything around us. The philosophy of fascinating and mindblowing intensful universe, the awestruckness, the goosebumps that arrives when we get to know something unusual, which is like a river flowing deliberately carrying many secrets of the world, secrets of neurological and ontological world, secrets of our lives and questions of existence etc.

The Incredible nameless ecstasies, the unorthodox algorithm which is nearly beyond our limits and mystical. The great philosopher of all time Socrates famously said

We have no time for creativity, new ideas, solace, introspection and this is something very aweful to us and offsprings.

This is where meditation comes, this is where self awakening is required, where we need to let go our demons and where there is gratitude towards everything, where yoga and visualization comes and where we need to find our passion. This can be done by cleansing our perception that society have made.

Then, we can say ” A LIFE WELL LIVED. Harnessing the limits of human possibilities, we become the 1% of those who are successful, have realized their destiny and far more above the 99% population who doesn’t. And nothing else matters.


Yashika dhulekar

My first adventure trip 

“One cant define the beauty of nature unless and until one experienced it.”

Truly a memorable experience of lifetime. The sights were reminiscing me of my childhood when i was in kashmir, the wide ranges of mountains,fresh breeze,lakes and rivers,highfa heights, with a calming sound of fresh water.

Me with some of my friends visited Rishikesh, Uttarakhand.  Just after reaching the campsite,our instructor took us to the adventure site. It was transended and memorable experience as we did rock climbing, hiking , river rafting, bungiee jumping . Cliff jumping and Rapling(though rapling is not my cup of tea…scared of heights😢). STAR GAZING 🌒☔was something that i always wanted to do and i did there lying on the grass under the night of millions of  scattered twinkling stars.

Rishikesh is a holy city in himalayan foothills beside the ganges in India offering bundle of package for tourists.

Niravana seekers , god lovers , expirence seekers as well as tourists from all over the world visit here for their spiritual satisfaction and to find ultimate peace.

You’ll find many asharams and temples situated near the bank of ganges.

It has 2 famous bridges named as ” Laxman Jhula” and ” Ram Jhula” which is a mass tourism destination and has been presented in many bollywood movies. It is popular attraction among international tourist arrivals.

The best thing about rishikesh is from providing adventure tourism to a well known pilgrimage site it offers wide areas of interest for tourists.

Sit yourself down to experience local cuisine  in “Chotiwala”, a famous restaurant in rishikesh. At main gate youll find an old blonde  monk welcoming you. A selfie with him? He wont mind that.

You should spend atleast 2days here. Youll be amazed to see what this beautiful place offers.  Pack your bag and go wild and free. Experience divinity with a cherishable moment

which will be a lifetime memoir.

 10Beautiful and Offbeat places in Europe

Dreaming to travel Europe or already Travelled there but want to explore more? If you are looking for some beautiful, seneric, and charming places which are somehow offbeat but providing the awesome view with quiet peace, here are some:

    1.Sveti Stefan,Montenegro

It is an island resort southeast of Budva in Montenegro.

Sveti Stefan is an unusual and unique place not only at Montenegro or Budva’s Riveria but in the whole Mediterranean. It is popular destination among those looking for secluded holiday. Apart from beach, Milocer Beach and Queen’s Beach are also part of the coastline. 
     2.Luxembourg City,Luxembourg

  The city itself is listed on the UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE SITES list so you can be assured there are many historic marvels to visit here .Built amid deep gorges cut by the Alzette and Petrusse rivers, it’s famed for its ruins of medieval fortifications. Along ramparts above, the Chemin de la Corniche promenade offers dramatic viewpoints.
     3.Samos Kokkari, Greece

  Samos is an island ruled by legend and beauty. It is the island of the father of mathematics,PYTHAGORAS,the astronomer Aristarchus and the philosopher Epicurus. Samos is a place of overwhelming vegetation. Everything around the virgin landscape is made of colour and light. The alpine winter temperatures and endless rain or the caves and canyons, the environment of Samos reminds one of the greek hinterland in miniature.
4.Bohinj, Slovania

    Bohiij is a unique,charming,wonderfully mysterious region in Slovenia, the Alps and Europe. It is loacated in the heart of the Julian river. It has natural unique attractions and can add mesmerizing beauty to your trip. It offers tourists for day trips,for walks on the trails that run throughout the valley, and for mountaineering and climbing tours. Bohinij tunnel is also popolar among tourists visiting here. Winter sports becomes the centre of attraction in valley during the snowfall while lake bohinij for swimmers in summer.
5.Bonifacio, Corsica-France

  Bonifacio,the capital of Corsica was subjugated by the extreme beauty of bonifacio. It is also populary known as the “City of Cliffs”as it is situated on the cliffs of a limestone peninsula above a natural harbor. Medieval town, sceneric beauty and nearby beaches make it one of the unmissable highlights of your trip to Corsica. The coast around the town is very picturesque, with several renowned Mediterranean beaches nearby and separated by cliffs, caves and dramatic coastal scenery including the calanches of Fazzio, a protected site.

  Saaremaa- the biggest island of Estonia is known as a good recreation place with unique nature and a lot of sights.Saarema has retained its uniqueness due to its locations and insulation. One can see the heritage and cultures of local people as  stone fences and houses with thatched rootfs, beautiful national costumes and dialectal language are still used. Beautiful windmills with a seneric landscape and Loaded with its rich nature and vastness of lot of unique sights this destination is still needed to be known to the tourists.
7. Ronda, Spain

  Ronda, a city in the province of malanga, Spain, is in the the heart of the Serrania de Ronda, about 100kms from thye city if malanga and with a population of aprrox 35000 inhabitants.Surrounded by lush river valleys and sitting above a deep ravine, it is a place that literally takes your breath away when seeing it. It is one of the most beautiful cities in spain. 


  A quaint medieval city in Transylvaina. Yes, that’s right the place where Count Dracula lurks around in his castle. While the gothic Bran Castle itself is a must visit, Sibiu is out of a fairytale. With enormous snow capped mountais covering the city like a protective fortess. Sibiu Is so tiny you can cover the entire place just by foot! Museums and cathedral is a must visit.

9.Berat, Albania

Berat is a city on the Osum River, in central Albenia. Popularly known as the “the town of a thousand windows, also the museum city” is one of the oldest and most beautiful towns in Albania. The citadel area numbers many Byzantine churches several of which contains valuable paintings and icons.Home to plenty of wineries, do stop by for a glass of some spiced wine. 


    The capital of Slovenia, and probably the capital of hearts. This verdat city can be perfectly explored on a cycle. The city is a treasure trove in itself. The curving ljublana river lined in outdoor cafes, divides the city’s old town from its commercial hub with many museums.

So why wait? Go travel. Explore these beautiful destinations and capture the memories with great joy and passion to travel.

Start your dream journey 

Embrace your Weirdness

So this is for those who are somewhat shy,

Those weird freaks out there who want to taste the sky;

A simple girl with round glasses sitting at the corner of that zone,

With her earplugs , coffee and a book by her side,

Watching extroverts with an observing mind, they are laughing and pranking and no one is judging them! 


She thinks to herself what is the magic and spark  of these attractive faces who don’t give a chance to speak those  silent and shy empathatic souls who want to speak and have something treasurous in them..

Why they dont give a damn to silent lips that want to say something sitting by?

She had both mysteries and melodies deep inside  her shallow eyes

She can share some with;

But nobody cares or atleast even try.

SHE Smiles convincing herself that

“maybe my book can do some good to me atleast!” 


They went out unknowingly from her life, The days were Dark . It became worse when her parents didn’t support her dreams, and her only chance! The burden on shoulder to look after; She committed it !


Now, She`s no more ..Now Some dreams left unfulfilled …And Now It really hits hard to her parents and Rude friends …..The memories are intact but presence is something which would never be back again.


The nights we stayed together were the best moments of my life;

Endless conversation about stars and space, the love and the hate…

We walked a mile together knowing it has to end sometime..

The bond connected was not finite,

Some are good to stay together while some have to leave us and that’s alright.

Stars meet sky as your heart meets mine❤

I will not forget the moment,you kissed 💜,the way you love;the touch i feel ;intensful,lovable,spiritual connection of two souls …💑

Even if our lovestory remains unrecognised ..

Even if our tales has not heard by others..

The esctasy,the feeling is special🍁

Something i’ll carry with  a truly engaged heart and a Conciouss mind! ☺


|| Mystical Experience||#philosophy #love #nightmare #ecstasy #feeling #inner#self#awakening

Roaming barefooted,                                         Watching the statlit Night,                       Craving thousands of stars with denizens of infinity🌌,                                                       I came to a thought ”THE FATE LIES BEYOND”                                                         Beyond our imagination,far above from.space and time                                         Where the realm of happiness and peace resides,                                   
Knowing the secrets of parellel universes , I stood behind the door watching opportunities at a mystical night!                   Awakening took me speechless far behind ; like a ferocius tide which arrives with diversed unwanted ecstasies closing my doors behind! 

I lit a ciggarette and sat by myself , Catching an eye at dark with #pax_et_dolor It was good,contemplating                             A feeling which didn’t collide everytime!

Like a river of thought, it flows through my heart to veins ,                                                     Pumping sheer joy with happiness                 Which will be always in my mind

Always in my mind!