First blog post

Hey Everyone!

This is @blissjunkiegal

Started my blogging through wordpress.The main topics of concentration will be on (Philosophy,pshycology,love,hate,Travel Writings,Book reviews ) and many more.

Stay tuned and join my journey!                     If u also write something related to these topics and have any idea related just let me know and DM me for collaberations and exchange of ideas๐Ÿ˜Š. 

  • Love loads. 
  • Yashika 

Embrace your Weirdness

So this is for those who are somewhat shy,

Those weird freaks out there who want to taste the sky;

A simple girl with round glasses sitting at the corner of that zone,

With her earplugs , coffee and a book by her side,

Watching extroverts with an observing mind, they are laughing and pranking and no one is judging them! 


She thinks to herself what is the magic and spark  of these attractive faces who don’t give a chance to speak those  silent and shy empathatic souls who want to speak and have something treasurous in them..

Why they dont give a damn to silent lips that want to say something sitting by?

She had both mysteries and melodies deep inside  her shallow eyes

She can share some with;

But nobody cares or atleast even try.

SHE Smiles convincing herself that

“maybe my book can do some good to me atleast!” 


They went out unknowingly from her life, The days were Dark . It became worse when her parents didn’t support her dreams, and her only chance! The burden on shoulder to look after; She committed it !


Now, She`s no more ..Now Some dreams left unfulfilled …And Now It really hits hard to her parents and Rude friends …..The memories are intact but presence is something which would never be back again.


The nights we stayed together were the best moments of my life;

Endless conversation about stars and space, the love and the hate…

We walked a mile together knowing it has to end sometime..

The bond connected was not finite,

Some are good to stay together while some have to leave us and that’s alright.

Stars meet sky as your heart meets mineโค

I will not forget the moment,you kissed ๐Ÿ’œ,the way you love;the touch i feel ;intensful,lovable,spiritual connection of two souls …๐Ÿ’‘

Even if our lovestory remains unrecognised ..

Even if our tales has not heard by others..

The esctasy,the feeling is special๐Ÿ

Something i’ll carry with  a truly engaged heart and a Conciouss mind! โ˜บ


|| Mystical Experience||#philosophy #love #nightmare #ecstasy #feeling #inner#self#awakening

Roaming barefooted,                                         Watching the statlit Night,                       Craving thousands of stars with denizens of infinity๐ŸŒŒ,                                                       I came to a thought ”THE FATE LIES BEYOND”                                                         Beyond our imagination,far above from.space and time                                         Where the realm of happiness and peace resides,                                   
Knowing the secrets of parellel universes , I stood behind the door watching opportunities at a mystical night!                   Awakening took me speechless far behind ; like a ferocius tide which arrives with diversed unwanted ecstasies closing my doors behind! 

I lit a ciggarette and sat by myself , Catching an eye at dark with #pax_et_dolor It was good,contemplating                             A feeling which didn’t collide everytime!

Like a river of thought, it flows through my heart to veins ,                                                     Pumping sheer joy with happiness                 Which will be always in my mind

Always in my mind!